5am Red Ale

5am Red Ale

5am Red Ale

by BrewDog (brewery website)

Origin: Scotland – Type: American Amber/Red Ale – Alcohol: 5%

The beer: 5am Red Ale (formerly 5am Saint) has an extremely intricate taste. It has flavours of sour berries mixed with sweet caramel and a perfect combination of maltiness, bitterness and hoppiness that all compliment each other so well. Throughout the taste and aftertaste there is no bad note and I can’t help sipping more and more. This is truly one of my favourite beers!

The little extra: This brew is named for the 5 malts and 5 hops used, which results in an ABV of 5%!

Where we bought it: Brewdog’s bottle shop in King’s Cross. They have a great range of craft beer bottles.

BottleDog: 69, Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8TP – UK.

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