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From : Paris, France

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Three years in Brussels convinced me on how beer was more than a simple refreshing drink. With some travels in the UK, Germany and in the US, I got to know the great diversity of taste beers can offer. Back in Paris I am witnessing with pleasure a vibrant craft beer revolution. For me, this blog aims somehow to share on how we enjoy beer and to contribute to improve the way beer is seen and consume.


From : Paris, France

Check my posts!

Living now in Paris after 3 years spent in Belgium, I really wanted to be part of the Craft beer Revolution ! I love discovering new craft beers and I have to say that French ones are not the worst !! I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and if you think I am missing something, feel free to comment as I am not an expert, just an Ale drinker! 😉

Back in Nantes and once again close to my native land, Brittany, I can see how important the West of France has become for the development of craft beers in France. Where there is beer, there is often whisky and Brittany is no exception to the rule. As everywhere, I am eager to explore this craft and malt effervescence and to share my discoveries with you.