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From : Paris, France

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Three years in Brussels convinced me on how beer was more than a simple refreshing drink. With some travels in the UK, Germany and in the US, I got to know the great diversity of taste beers can offer. Back in Paris I am witnessing with pleasure a vibrant craft beer revolution. For me, this blog aims somehow to share on how we enjoy beer and to contribute to improve the way beer is seen and consume.


From : Paris, France

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Living now in Paris after 3 years spent in Belgium, I really wanted to be part of the Craft beer Revolution ! I love discovering new craft beers and I have to say that French ones are not the worst !! I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and if you think I am missing something, feel free to comment as I am not an expert, just an Ale drinker! 😉


From : London, UK

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I have lived in London all my life, close to Greenwich Village and the Meantime brewery. Whilst London is full of mainstream bars and pubs, there are many hidden gems for the craft beer lover. I hope you enjoy reading my reviews as much as I enjoy writing them!


From: London, UK

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Believe it or not, pre-2009 I did not enjoy beer much at all. I was very much a cider man and stuck to this until I moved to Melbourne, Australia for a study abroad year. Australia does cider terribly and as my palate changed I grew a liking (or stockholm syndrome) for beer, particularly Carlton Draught from Melbourne and James Boags Draught from Tasmania. Since graduating and moving to London for work, I was introduced to Brewdog bars in London and from there the craft beer revolution swallowed me whole. I have since grown a taste for all the complex and huge flavours that great craft beer has. Before an Imperial Stout or Geuze may have bewildered me, now this is just another Monday night…