Craft Beer Montreal – “Tchin! tchin!”

Craft Beer Montreal – “Tchin! tchin!”

First time for us to step foot in Canada, Quebec in the beautiful city of Montreal just for a few hours during a transit time to Vancouver. Of course, as beer aficionados, we couldn’t help not visiting local breweries and craft beer bars!

Back in 2013, we had our first Quebec craft beer experience during a tasting session at the Hoppy Loft Delirium Village in Brussels with the Brasserie du Lac St Jean during which we tasted among their unique brews the very tasty Gros Mollet, a strong brown ale with 7,8% Abv.

Montreal Tap rooms and bars

We found Montreal to be a very friendly cycling city which allowed us to visit the main city points of interest such as the Mont Royal and the old district, but also to go to the Microbrasserie 4 Origines, located on the other side of Bassins Peels. The tap room offers quite a large choice of beers and its a nice spot to have a drink! We had the Coté Canal Saison IPA which was very nice and refreshing, perfect after cycling 25km under the Canadian sun!

4 Origines Crafts selection

Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit all Montreal’s breweries however, we took the time to go to Microbrewery Station which includes a bar with a wide variety of local crafts. We had the Yakima IPA from Micro Castor and the Boson de Higgs, a delicious smoked beer brewed by Hopfenstark.

We’ve also been to taverne bar named L’Espace Public where we found many other nice brews, allowing us to get a very good idea of Montreal’s craft beer scene !

Within only a few hours, we managed to have a proper beer experience in Montreal. The Craft beer scene is very well developed and we only wish to come back there as soon as we can!

Cheers mates!

GH, Arnaud & Arezki

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