Craft Beer Vancouver!

Craft Beer Vancouver!

Hi mates! So in a previous post we talked briefly about how we embraced Craft Beer in Montreal while we stayed there, unfortunately for a very short time. Today’s topic is to talk about Craft beer in Vancouver – BC ; we’ll also introduce in another post to come how we found Crafts in Banff National Park (Grizzli and others!!).

Numerous craft breweries downtown

British Colombia had an important role to play in the birth of the craft brewing movement in Canada. Today, more than 100 different breweries exist in BC of which about 20 are located within Vancouver downtown.

Many cities have their own particular districts such as the Chinese district, Italian district, LGBT districts etc etc. Vancouver has of course these kind of areas too with another unofficial one which is the Craft Beer District with about 10 microbreweries within a distance of less than 2km. So, as you might have already guessed, we wanted to visit and try them all… 🍺🍺

Fortunately for us, we were on bikes and by foot, so it helped us to burn those calories, and allowed us to easily justify a freshly brewed pint of beer!

Vancouver brewery tour

Big Rock Microbrewery was our first stop for our beer tour. When you enter you already know that these guys aren’t here to sell water – the tap room’s great, the choice of local brewed beers is wide and the atmosphere is fun and family friendly!

Table games, darts, brewery tour, if you wanted you could even do breakfast, lunch and diner there… What else would you need?

We also really loved Parallel 49 Brewing and Red Truck Beer Company, both quite big microbreweries with a very large choice of beers.

With Red Truck Beer Co, even if you are not a big fan of trucks or a neoecologist who despise trucks, you’ll learn very quickly how to love them 😉

At Parallel 49 we had the Trash Panda Hazy IPA, very thirst quenching, perfect along with a nice hot dog from the indoor food truck! The brewery was crowded with people coming for their 5pm pint. The ambiance’s great, definitely a place to go if you want to enjoy your stay in Vancouver.

We’ve also been to Brassneck Brewery, Electric Bicycle Brewing Co, Strange Fellows Brewing, Postmark Brewing, Faculty Brewing Co, Granville Island Brewing, and Storm Brewing, one of the oldest brewery in Vancouver.

So now you know that Vancouver is the place to be to enjoy nature, cycling, sailing and good food as well as enjoying some of the best crafts beers in Canada and Northern Americas.

Cheers mates!

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