by Brewdog (brewery website)

Origin: Scotland – Type: Scotch Ale – Alcohol: 7.4%

The beer: Don’t be fooled by the colour, Dogma doesn’t taste as dark as it looks! A very pleasant aroma of chocolate and caramel and a rich taste to match, so make sure you sip and savour it. This brew uses ten different varieties of malt (including chocolate malt of course!) and is blended with Scotch honey, which adds to the taste in a subtle way. You’re left with a pleasing malty aftertaste, which will stay with you through the wait at the bar!

The little extra: This beer certainly doesn’t taste like 7.4%, so expect to be tipsy after just a few!

Where we bought it: Brewdog’s flagship Camden bar. A must visit for a great range of beer and delicious food.

Brewdog: 113 Bayham Street, Camden Town, London, NW1 0AG – UK.

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