HORAL’s Oude Geuze Mega Blend (2013)

HORAL’s Oude Geuze Mega Blend (2013)

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HORAL’s Oude Geuze Mega Blend (2013)

by Brouwerij Boon for HORAL’s Tour de Geuze (brewery website and HORAL website)

Origin: Lembeek, Belgium – Type: Gueuze – Alcohol: 7%

The beer: 

HORAL stands for “Hoge Raad voor Ambachtelijke Lambiekbieren” which means “High Council for Artisanal Lambic Beers”. This group contains some of the greatest Lambic breweries and blenders in Belgium.

HORAL hosts a biannual event called Tour de Geuze where HORAL members open their doors to the general public for a day every 2 years. It so happens that this year, is the year for the latest Tour de Geuze taking place on Sunday 3rd May 2015. More information on their website here.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, 9 of HORAL’s members offer up some of their finest old and young Lambics to make a Mega Blend. This is then blended, aged and bottled at Brouwerij Boon.

The 2013 edition of this Oude Geuze Mega Blend is made up of Lambics from: 3 Fonteinen, Boon, De Oude Cam, De Troch, Hanssens, Lindemans, Oud Beersel, Tilquin and Timmermans. If you have not tried a beer from any of these fine Lambic breweries and blenders, I highly advise that you do so!

When I opened my 2013 addition it became quickly apparent, that this is by far the best Geuze I have ever had… ever.

At the front you get a big fruity sour hit of lambic which is effortlessly smooth and satisfying. The huge flavour is however very well balanced and the mouthfeel is excellent to match.

There is an almost champagne like flavour at the back with a bitter, tart and dry after taste.

The more I drank this the more unique depth of flavours jumped out at me, such as pineapple, citrus, hints of peach and other fruity flavours.

All of the best elements of each breweries contribution shines through in this one beer and it only goes to show Boon’s craftsmanship by their expert blending of all of the different Lambics that contain their own distinctive characteristics and flavour.

The little extra: The original Mega Blend was made for the 7th Tour De Geuze and (at the time) was only made available to people who attended the event. The 2011 version marked the first time this was available to the wider general public.

I am looking at getting myself the original 2009 edition of this beer, if I can afford one of the internets heavy price tags….

Where we bought it: Kris Wines (394 York Way, London N7 9LW)

Where you can find it

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