I love Stouts beer tasting !

I love Stouts beer tasting !


Ten Fidy

by Oskar Blues Brewery (brewery website)

Origin: Colorado, USA – Type: Imperial Stout – Alcohol: 10.5%

The beer: I’ve said it before, Oskar Blues Brewery are one of my favourite breweries in the world and for a very good reason. This Imperial Stout is my favourite stout and whenever I can get my hands on this gem (whether at a bar or in a bottle shop) I jump at the chance. Ten Fidy encapsulates all the great flavours that are associated with a solid stout and turns them up a notch, blending them seamlessly in to a thick seductive liquid.

As you take a sip your tongue will go through flavours of coffee, chocolate/coco, cream, caramel, burnt oak, smoky flavours and much more. The mouthfeel is thick and creamy but just enough to hold all of these delicious flavours together.

I think Ten Fidy’s biggest achievement is just how smooth and easy it is to drink, whilst containing so many varieties of flavour, textures and packing a whopping 10.5% ABV.

This beer is like eating a premium decadent chocolate desert or drinking a thick dark coffee. It should be treated as such.


Kentucky Breakfast Stout

by Founders Brewing (brewery website)

Origin: Michigan, USA- Type: Imperial Stout – Alcohol: 12%

The beer: Aroma has strong notes of the Kentucky bourbon, a bit of smoke with a nice dose of coffee and coco to round it off.

The flavourful is super smooth but complex with the delicious blend of the Kentucky bourbon ageing, coffee beans, coco, marshmallow, caramel and a hint of smoke. It really hits the spot for a big Imperial Stout. However, this beer does not taste like it’s alcohol content of 11.2%, making it dangerously drinkable.

The back of the beer hits you with a whisky taste and thick bitterness that lingers for a long period of time after the beer has departed, keeping your taste buds happy.

This really is one of the best imperial stouts I’ve ever tried, simply because it can contain such delicious flavours which balance out to make a very drinkable and well rounded beer.


Black Eyed King Imp

by Brewdog brewery (brewery website)

Origin: Ellon, Scotland – Type: Imperial Stout – Alcohol: 12,7%

The beer: Aroma gives off thick smoky stout flavours with hints of toffee and vanilla. Taste is super smooth as the huge coco, Vietnamese coffee, vanilla, toffee, sweet cigar smoke and big malt bitter profile effortlessly slides through your palette. The mouthfeel is creamy and thick, almost a little rubbery at the end but in a good way.

It definitely has a slight alcoholic kick but not enough to make you aware that this is 12.7%!


Mikkeller Black

by Mikkeller brewery (brewery website)

Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark Type: Imperial Stout – Alcohol: 17,5%

The beer: Most stouts want to sooth and seduce you, this does not. This does not want to relax you, it wants to rattle your brain and wake you the fuck up!

Even with age (2014) this has not smoothed out one bit. It is almost like a super hot chili sauce that blasts your head off when you try it. The aroma is all roasty coffee notes with some coco mixed in, you could be forgiven for thinking this was a coffee from affar. Taste is all roasty coffee, some spice, some coco with a long after burn that is not exactly bitter but more head shattering from the strong potent flavours this beer has.

Even though it’s 17.5%, you still don’t really feel that it is that strong. Sure it’s a monster but 17.5% is a step beyond what you detect this beer might have I feel like the purpose of this beer was to make a strong alcoholic black coffee and they nailed it !

Cheers mates!

Phil Smith.

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