The Kernel – Pale Ale

The Kernel – Pale Ale

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by The Kernel (brewery website)

Origin: UK – Type: American Pale Ale – Alcohol: 5-7% (depending on batch)

The beer: The Kernel is one of the major London and UK craft breweries, who have been brewing simplistic but highly delicious beers since 2007.

This all started when founder and head brewer Evin O’Riordain went on a trip to New York and tasted the big hoppy American craft beers that we all know and love. Evin took this influence back to London and decided to set-up a craft brewery showcasing the many US hop varieties.

Every batch of The Kernel’s Pale Ales and India Pale Ales have different hop combinations which are listed on the front of the bottle. This is what keeps me coming back to these beers as I know the base of the beer is excellent and the hop variety changes the flavour every time.

My preferred drink of choice by The Kernel is their Pale Ale’s and as you can see by the photos I have tried my fair share!

All of the Pale Ales offer a smooth, very well balanced but flavorful beer. The mouthfeel, smoothness and balance of hops really sets these Pale Ales apart from other breweries. According to my Untappd account my favourite hop variety has been the single hop Citra batch (I gave it 4.5/5). However any of The Kernel Pale Ales that you can get your hands on is worth trying.

The little extra: The Kernel gets its name from a type of barley of the same name, which is the building block of its beers.

Where we bought it: At the brewery! – The Kernel opens its brewery up with a tap room and bottle selection on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm (more info here). This is in addition to their ever expanding list of distributors.

Where you can find it

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