L’Arrogante Session : the most Belgian American pale ale

L’Arrogante Session : the most Belgian American pale ale

A beer which was first draft in a garage in Ghent for Belgium’s national day on July 21. It is what you can read on the beer bottle.

 L’Arrogante Session is however not a traditional Belgian beer. It is a refreshing beer easy to drink at the crossroad of a fresh hoppy dried Belgian saison and refreshing and fruity American pale ale.

The country has a lot of traditional beers to offer but our attention was recently drawn by this interesting beverage. One may think this beer is only made for summer. Its complex taste made us drink it even in a cold and rainy day.

To be honest the hops are essentially American -Cascade, Centennial and Mosaic- and the beer has rather the strong tropical feel you can taste in American Pale Ales.

The alcohol percentage is low (3.9%) but it has a nice and long aftertaste. After a couple of sips you could feel a slight bitterness with some  subtle citrus notes. A delight to enjoy without any restraints.

Where we drank it

In Brussels we first found it canned in a beer shop called Beer Mania. We then enjoyed it draft in the bar Le Pacific a lovely place not far from place Sainte Boniface still in Brussels.

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