Mikkeller Spontan series – Spontanframboos & Spontanpeach

Mikkeller Spontan series – Spontanframboos & Spontanpeach

Spontan series – Spontanframboos & Spontanpeach

by Mikkeller (brewery website)

Origin: Denmark via Belgium – Type: Lambic Fruit – Alcohol: 7.7%

The beer: the Spontan series is a series of Lambic style fruit beers by the amazing Mikkeller. They are all brewed at De Proefbrouwerji as Mikkeller is a “gyspy brewer” i.e he does not own a brewery and instead makes recipes then sends them to his selected brewery to brew the beer.

As the title suggest, these Lambics are spontaneously fermented with the fruit of choice and barrel aged in oak barrels. I found both these beers to have very interesting flavours and be of excellent quality. The first two I tried from this series are the Spontanframboos and Spontanpeach.

The Spontanframboos had a big hit of sour and some sweetness from the raspberry, an alcoholic bitter hit in the middle with a definite lambic flavour underneath to round it off. It was refreshing, crisp and sour.

The Spontanpeach had another big wallop of Lambic sour but was perfectly balanced with the peach flavour and was very well rounded because of this.

Overall, I would highly recommend trying any of the beers in Mikkeller’s Spontan series. The fruit element makes an already excellent Lambic transform in to an unique and quirky beer, but highly drinkable. I would particularly recommend this series to anyone that is in to Lambic, fruit and sour beers.

The little extra: there is a multitude of flavours to try in the Spontan series, the most peculiar being beetroot!!

Where we bought it: Kris Wines – a hidden gem tucked away on a very plain North London high street. Inside is a treasure trove of beers from all across the globe. Highly recommended checking out! Click here

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