Nouvelle-Aquitaine craft beer tasting #1

Nouvelle-Aquitaine craft beer tasting #1

Hoppy New Year folks!

That’s not usually the right version but well, here you are, on a craft beer blog, right in the first days of 2020!

Today, we are talking about the lastest beer selection we enjoyed at Christmas in Bordeaux’ region, S-W France. We wrote an article in french about the wine & beer in Bordeaux ( and even if we already know quite well the local craft beers and breweries, we wanted to start somewhere by tasting the following ones.

Many breweries now exist in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (here is a map published by Sud-Ouest, local newspaper : but as we just couldn’t drink all of them at once, we wanted to start somewhere by experimenting the following ones : Les Bières du Cabestan, Brasserie Azimut, Kanaha Beer and Bordeaux Beer Factory.

The Bière Blanche from Les Bières du Cabestan is a Dunkelweizen beer, quite refreshing with some citrus notes quickly replaced on the after taste by a gentle caramel and chocolate taste.

The Session IPA from Brasserie Azimut is brewed with Caplypso and Mozaic hops. Thirst quenching and very smooth on the palate, it’s a good one after the Dunkelweizen from Bières du Cabestan.

The 1992 Amber beer brewed by Kanaha beer which is aged in Armagnac barrels was quite interesting. As a speciality wood-aged beer, it’s even tastier as the barrels used to contained 1985 Armagnac giving to the beer very intense and rich aromas.

Finally, The Bordeaux Beer Factory BBF Old Ale is the result of a collaboration with the Moon Harbour whisky distillery also located within Bordeaux. Very nice brew, it’s a 7% ABV craft with a slight finish on the whisky with caramel notes.

Of course, we will have the occasion in our next posts to talk again about Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s Craft beers so if you have some to suggest to us, please feel free to do so!

Cheers mates !

GH, Arnaud & Arezki

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