Nürnberg’s Rotbier: Bavaria’s treasure

Nürnberg’s Rotbier: Bavaria’s treasure

A charming microbrewery in the heart of Nürnberg

Bavaria is widely known for the variety of traditional beers it offers. Among the different types of Heffe Weiss Bier , Dunkel, Rauchbier, Helles and Pils, one might have a hard time to find differences between two Bavarian brands.

Some beer “fashionistas “would even explain you that there are not any single difference between a Schneider Weisse an Erdinger or an Augustiner and that you better go for any regular American IPAs or New England IPAs to have a real craft beer experience…

Well we won’t debate or further comment. We could only recommend you to visit Bavaria and try the beers for yourself. In spite of the Octoberfest frenzy, the region should be rather seen by tourists as the world most densely populated with the oldest local breweries. That’s what we did and we were rewarded.


The Nürnberg Rotbier effect

Nürnberg’s Rotbier

After few days in Bavaria we had a nice surprise in Nürnberg. We tried a local speciality: the Rotbier (or the Red Ale). A beer which has been a bit matured in wooden barrels by a microbrewery in the old town called Hausbrauerei Alstadthof.

This local micro brewery  will serve you a surprising refreshing Rotbier (red ale) among other light and dark beers.

Not too sour (like a Belgian red ale in the likes of Rodenbach) and not too heavy (like an Irish red ale) this well balanced beer impressed us the most. The foam is generous and won’t disappear after the first sip. It is not that strong (5.5% alcohol) and you might be tempted to drink it fast after a long summer afternoon.

However, drink it slowly to fully appreciate the slight coffee and malted aroma in aftertaste. To sum up a great refreshing beer with a delicate malted touch. A fantastic surprise !

Where we drank it :

Hausbrauerei AlstadthofBergstraße 19-21, 90403 Nürnberg

Perfect and authentic this local brewery is also serving some tasty bavarian dishes like Spätzle (kind of German and Alsatian pasta dishes) and Nürenberger sausages.

The brewery produces it own variety of whiskies matured in different types of wooden barrels. Definitely worth a try !

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