Russian Doll Pale Ale

Russian Doll Pale Ale

Russian Doll Pale Ale

by Brewdog (brewery website)

Origin: Scotland – Type: American Pale ale – Alcohol: 4%

The beer: The Russian Doll series from Brewdog features four different brews using varied amounts of the same batch of hop varieties, malt bills, yeast and water. Russian Doll Pale Ale has a zesty citrus flavour mixed perfectly with the rich taste of four varieties of hop. A subtle aftertaste of cocoa rounds things off nicely.

The little extra: The brewery are really experimenting with the amount of the ingredients used between each of the varieties. We look forward to tasting the other members of the Russian Doll family!

Where we bought it: Brewdog’s flagship Camden bar. A must visit for a great range of beer and delicious food. Russian Doll is also available from the brewery’s online shop.

Brewdog: 113 Bayham Street, Camden Town, London, NW1 0AG – UK.

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