Sakura Lambic

Sakura Lambic

Sakura Lambic

by OWA Brewery (brewery website)

Origin: Belgium – Type: Aromatised Lambic – Alcohol: 5,5%

The beer: Sakura Lambic is one of the most surprising beer we tried. You know the cherry beers (Kriek), the peach beers etc. You think that after trying these kind of beers, you don’t really like the sweet beers and that you know now everything. Well, you are wrong. Leo Imai has succeed to create here something unusual and unique: marrying the Belgian Lambic with the Japanese emblematic Sakura (cherry) tree. He putted in his receipt Sakura leaves – yes, not the flowers – and the result is a Lambic beer which is very tasty, sour, lightly sweet and all in finesse. Really to be tried to benefit all the Japanese-Belgian fusion !!

The little extra: An excellent beer to drink as an aperitif !

Where we bought it: We were lucky to drink it in the best Beer tasting shop of Brussels at Délices & Caprices with Pierre Zuber the tenant and Leo Imai, Head brewer of OWA Brewery. A place that we strongly recommend as Pierre is very welcoming and also will provide you with the best advices to find the beer you were looking for!

Délices & Caprices The Belgian Beer Shop – Rue des Bouchers, 68 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Tel: +32 2 512 14 51


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