Smokey Stein Porter, Munich

Smokey Stein Porter, Munich

In Munich Germany, in the ocean of traditional breweries you can still find some golden nuggets. Hopfen Häcker – it means hops pirates– is a great brew pub with traditional Bavarian beers, and a selection of local craft beers on draft.

 Belgian, British and American bottles are also served. But the selection of local craft beers on draft is exceptional.

Even better, this pub produces its own beers: perfect combination between traditional wheat beers or lagers with the hoppy taste of American pale ales or British IPAs.

We fell in love with the Smokey Stein Porter. A lovely smoked porter strong in alcohol – 7.5%- but with a delightful complexity and a long aftertaste.

We are not experts so try it yourself but we can tell you that the slight smokiness and the cocoa aroma you get after a first sip are well balanced by the hoppy taste of American hops – Cascade and Chinook – which give a mango nose and an exotic aftertaste.

Alternative facts: after several sips there are some delicious hints of white chocolate and kiwi.

To sum up we had the pleasant impression to enjoy a brandy and a dessert combined to end a good dinner!

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