Special Extra Export Stout

Special Extra Export Stout

Special Extra Export Stout

by De Dolle Brouwers (brewery website)

Origin: Belgium – Type: Stout – Alcohol: 9%

The beer: Special Extra Export Stout is a strong one which is excellent if you like the taste of roasted malts and roasted caramel. Its ABV is 9% so if 2 times stronger than an English stout and the Belgian basis leaves no doubt of its origins. De Dolle Brouwers are masters in making very special beers and this one is one of them. This beer is bitter, strong and long in the after taste with a nice smoky taste.

The little extra: One of the best Belgian stout, so a must drink if you are a Stout lover !!

Where we bought it: The first time drunk in the bar named Moeder Lambic in Brussels Saint-Gilles in a very cosy atmosphere. A large choice of beers, staff who know their beers and even some comics in self-service!

Moeder Lambic – 68 rue de Savoie, 1060 Brussels – Belgium . Tel: +32 2 544 16 99




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