This. Is. Lager.

This. Is. Lager.

This. Is. Lager.

by BrewDog (brewery website)

Origin: Scotland – Type: Lager – Alcohol: 4.7%

The beer: This. Is. Lager. is a Pilsner style beer that was created to get away from the mass market lagers that flood the supermarkets and pubs around the UK (and indeed the world!). The aim is to increase the quality of the beer compared to it’s mass produced counterparts by using 100% malt and ten times the amount of hops. This brew is definitely superior to the industrial lagers that are so easy to come by and has citrus hints that you’d never find in the 50p per can generic beers. There’s also extra bitterness and a spice that that makes it taste quite rich.
Unfortunately this is not the style of beer that I favour most and this did not persuade me to try more. It’s good to try something different though!

The little extra: This beer is BrewDog’s nod to the old German beer style from the 19th century and a way to pay tribute to them.

Where we bought it: Brewdog’s bottle shop in King’s Cross. They have a great range of craft beer bottles.

BottleDog: 69, Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8TP – UK.

Where you can find it

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