Tripel Karmeliet

Tripel Karmeliet

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Tripel Karmeliet

by Brouweij Bosteels (brewery website)

Origin: Buggenhout, Belgium – Type: Tripel – Alcohol: 8.4%

The beer:

Tripel Karmeliet is one of only three beers that Brouwerj Bosteels brews and has been continuously brewed since 1996.

Bosteels may not produce a wide variety of beers but the three they offer (Paul Kwak, DeuS and Tripel Karmeliet) are fantastic Belgian tradition, pioneering and perfection in a glass. It makes you wonder how many times they have refined and perfected the same beer over all the years they have been brewing.

The aroma of the beer gives you blended smells of orange peel, cream, wheat and sugar. This is an excellent introduction to the amazing taste you are about to receive.

The beer has a large amount of head due to the carbonation which gives you a lovely creamy entree before you dive in to the exquisite flavours of this beer.

In the beer you will taste notes of orange peel, cream, banana, clove, wheat, spices, peppery notes, sweet Belgian yeast and a lovely bitter finish to round it off.

What I love about this beer the most is how it balances all of it’s abundance of flavour, mixing the sweet with the bitter and the spicy with the fruit effortlessly.

It reminds me slightly of a solid German wheat ale but with a big Tripel twist. I have been in love with this beer since the first time I tried it and have been going back for more ever since.

If you can find this in it’s magnum version I would highly recommend it. The flavours this larger bottle amps up the flavour exponentially, giving you an explosion of Belgian deliciousness.

For me, Tripel Karmeliet is not just one of the best tripels on the market but also one of the best Belgium beers available. It’s a benchmark of the style and one of my main suggestions for anyone that wants to try a solid Belgian beer.

The little extra: Tripel Karmeliet is brewed according to an authentic beer recipe from 1679 derived from the old Carmelite convent in Dendermonde.

Where we bought it: Kris Wines

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